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Three decades of experience and countless projects in which we have given our contribution in order to guarantee a professional relationship and high-quality work, from graphic design to the organization of the print production, animation and audio/video production.

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it's all about passion

The key ingredient of any exceptional work is inspiration, which we found in the joy of comunicating with people, along with books and music.

graphic design

Printed publications have an artistic, emotional and educational function in the lives of all of us, and will probably never be completely replaced by an exclusively electronic form.


The bridge that connects the two world, on the first is the world of printed publications, and on the second - digital editions. Animations, audio and video recording and editing.

electronic publications

Let your publication come to life. Taking the reading experience to a whole new level, with interactivity through ePub and HTML/javascript documents and a whole new dimension of the process of learning.


why choose us

The most important thing is to do your best and never be completely satisfied, because you can always do better. It is a path of progress.

The employees are the foundation and most valuable resources of any successful company. Commitment and responsibility with which we approach each new project, knowledge, creativity and experience are the main reason why is our clients have trusted us for years.

At the heart of our work environment are Silicon Apple M1 and M1 Pro computers. Audio production is handled by AKG and Sennheiser solutions, for photo and video there is a Canon DSLR with L-series optics.

Always updated, licensed Adobe Creative Cloud software is a tool that turns work into pleasure and is a guarantee of top quality output.

We learn and improve. Open to new ideas and technologies. A product of top quality and satisfied customers are what we have been guided by since the founding of the company.

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Any publication is essentially a form of communication between author and a reader, and that communication often gets violated, either because of design failures, typographic ignorance, or because of lack of technological process. Thanks to our knowledge, perseverance and constant desire for progress, and positively motivated by our clients, we are proud on our previous work

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graphic design

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Data status

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National Textbook Institute
National Textbook Institute

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We will be happy to share with you your thoughts, as well as the novelties from our studio.

It can be done Quickly and PerfectlyGraphic design, News

Srđan PopadićMarch 2, 2023

The ECPD of the UN mandated University for Peace is a client with whom we have the longest tradition. Our cooperation started even before the foundation of our studio, at the time when I was a young graphic designer, a beginner eager to prove myself, precisely from 1989, i.e. the 9th Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade.

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Animations in e-textbookGraphic design, Video

Srđan PopadićDecember 26, 2022

Interactive elements are an indispensable part of every e-textbook, regardless of the platform on which it is published. By using photo galleries, 3D models, audio and video files, animations and various tasks, learning is facilitated, through functionality that is not possible with printed editions.

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Something like a jubileeGraphic design

Srđan PopadićAugust 15, 2022

Ten years of cooperation, dozens of textbooks and the same number of successfully completed deadlines and quality work. Thank’s KLETT for your trust and for our participation in this great project.

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The path of a textbookGraphic design, News

Srđan PopadićJanuary 5, 2022

The decision by which the Minister of Education approves the textbook for use and distribution is not only proof that all prescribed standards have been met, but also a confirmation for the publisher that the editor has gathered a quality team, including authors, reviewers, proofreaders, evaluators, and finally us, whose task is to achieve visual communication between the text and the student.

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Srđan PopadićNovember 12, 2021

Working on e-textbooks is not only publishing the existing book in electronic form, but it also means creating everything that makes a qualitative difference in relation to the classic, printed, edition. Galleries, animations, videos, interactive content, and narratives as a tonal support for all of the above give, a whole new dimension to the process of learning.

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Gears and WheelsNews

Srđan PopadićOctober 30, 2021

Thanks to the development of information technology and data transfer speeds, which was unthinkable until a few years ago, a e-textbook has found its place in the educational sphere. The activity of our work is largely focused on the field of education, so that sets the direction of our development.

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