Gears and Wheels

October 30, 2021

Thanks to the development of information technology and data transfer speeds, which was unthinkable until a few years ago, a e-textbook has found its place in the educational sphere. The activity of our work is largely focused on the field of education, so that sets the direction of our development.

Looking at the whole topic a little deeper, we decided to, in addition to e-books, to prepare for the production of audio and video materials that are an integral part of it. The first step was to to upgrade our equipment, because our Apple iMac 27″ computers with i7 processors, still quickly and “smoothly” go through complicated photo processing, illustration and design, but when rendering “lose their breath”.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs

Our impressions after ten days of work are exactly what we expected from the ARM-based (SoCs) Silicon Apple M1 processor. Big step forward, leaving the flimsy x86 chips and going back to the future – to RISC architecture. The only disadvantage is that the the 24” is smaller than what we are used to, but a glorious 4.5K resolution display “takes the stain out”.

Delighted with the performance, we very quickly involved a new tool into the game, equipped with a 10-core Silicon Apple M1Pro processor, 16-core graphics processor and 16-core neural engine. I didn’t expect dramatically better performance, especially not the difference M1 made compared to Intel processors, however, more complicated animations we worked more than twice as fast as on its one year older brother. Another 7-mile step, we’ll see what the next one brings.

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