Animations in e-textbook

December 26, 2022

Interactive elements are an indispensable part of every e-textbook, regardless of the platform on which it is published. By using photo galleries, 3D models, audio and video files, animations and various tasks, learning is facilitated, through functionality that is not possible with printed editions.

We successfully apply decades of experience in the design and layout of printed textbooks in the field of digital editions, i.e. all the elements that make them up.

It’s not faith in technology. It’s faith in people.

Steve Jobs

The rough division of these interactive parts, at least according to our experience gained through many years of work is as follows:

• Animations and video;
• Interactive animations;
• Interactive tasks.

The visualisation of teaching content through animation, accompanied by narration, is more effective than the explanation and illustration in a printed textbook, because it also brings with it an explanation of the procedure.

Mathematics for the 1st grade. Animation in the lesson Addition of two-digit numbers

It is possible to introduce new terms to children in a more interesting way, for example by “bringing to life” an illustration from a printed textbook. Procedures and explanations, presented in an interesting way, are always available to the student.

Mathematics for the 1st grade. Animation in the lesson Wider and narrower

Lesson: Letters

The previous examples, from the creation of a sound track, animation, editing, and even rendering, were created with the help of the Adobe Creative Cloud package.

Short films also serve as a visual representation of the material. The material is mostly used from sources like “Shutterstock”.

Geography for the 5th grade. Video in the lesson Solar system

Interactive tasks and animations imply the active participation of students. Production technology differs from animated and video attachments that are in video format. The final product is an html/javascript document, such as a link or link.

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